Web Hosting & Domain

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to post a website onto the Internet.


Behind the scenes of a functioning website are web hosting and domain at work. Without a web hosting service, people can’t access your site. Every website is hosted on a server which is also a computer but designated for hosting purposes.

There are different kinds of hosting.

● There’s the Shared Hosting – Where you get to share the server’s resources with tons of other websites. It’s cheaper since you don’t have to foot the entire bill of the server yourself. If you roll on a tight budget, this is a great option.

● There’s the Dedicated Hosting – Here you rent the entire server for your website and take care of the staggering fee. You share resources with no one and you enjoy optimal performance from your website. You are also at liberty to customize the server to suit your website’s needs. This is very expensive but super in performance.

● There’s the Cloud Hosting – The new great kid on the block. Here you host everything online without a hardware computer server. Your host is the cloud. This is cost-effective and also efficient in performance. The beautiful side of cloud hosting is that you only pay the resources you zapped. So more traffic means you pay more, low traffic = pay less.

Benefits of web hosting and domain
A good web hosting service will offer your website the following;

● Optimal Site Performance – Your site will be efficient. No taking forever to load pages which can deter visitors.

● Security – One of the prime offerings of web hosting companies to clients is security. All your files are stored by the hosting company, and they take responsibility for it which is protection.

● Technical Support – When your site is encountering challenges, your hosting company is obligated to respond promptly.

That and many more are some of the benefits you can reap from investing in web hosting and domain.

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